Tea? Let’s Go


The newest little addition to Downtown Jenks is a tiny shop located where the old Sonic was (so across the street from the new one), called Tea2Go. I told my little sister about this so called Starbucks equivalent of tea, and she begged me to go. She literally dragged me out of my bed so I would take her, because she was so excited.

When arriving to Tea2Go I was not disappointed with what I saw. On the outside, they got someone to hand paint Christmas decorations onto the windows. Hand paint! No stencils, no nothing. Just a lady and her paint brush. When walking inside the building, instead of getting the initial expectation of smelling tea everywhere, the room smelled like a mixture of paint and spray paint. The inside was also really cute. They have a rustic modern feel to the entire place. Almost like a hipster coffee shop vibe. They had high metal stools and tables to sit at and socialize. So it’s a perfect place to meet up to do homework.

The people who work there are really friendly. Right when I walked into the door, a lady asked me if this was my first time coming. After I told her yes, she showed me the daily free sample tea to try and then led me over to their giant wall of tea. Here she showed me so many different options of tea for me to choose from. Then, after selecting my tea of choice, they freshly brewed what I choose right in front of my eyes, so I knew I was getting fresh tea and not day old tea.


The different types of the tea range from your typical black and green teas to dessert flavored teas like apple pie or shortbread. You have the option of getting the tea served hot or cold to fit your preference. All the teas don’t have any added sugar or sweetener, but you can add some if you would like. They ask if you would like the sweetness of your tea to be a more simple sweet or southern sweet, to help you get the perfect amount for you.

At tea places, you can normally expect the tea to be really watered down and more like a flavored water than just tea, but I didn’t find that to be an issue here. My Mango Bay iced tea at the first taste was very flavorful and delicious. Over time, it did get watered down, but that’s to be expected as it’s an iced tea and the ice melts. But even with the ice melting, it still had a lot of flavor to it.

Every tea has a different price range. The size of the cup and depending on the type of tea you choose will determine the price. For the largest cup size, 40 oz, I don’t think you will spend over seven dollars on your drink. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper compared to its competitors, *cough cough* Starbucks *cough cough*, while being just as good.

And for all of you people who like to instagram or snapchat your latest Starbucks drink, Tea2Go won’t disappoint. It’s no holiday special red cup, but the drinks and cups are so aesthetically pleasing. You can also get some good lighting in that area of Downtown Jenks.

The location of Tea2Go is in perfect driving or even walking distance from the school. So on your way home or on your way to school, you can easily make a stop since it’s pretty close. They also have a drive through if you already know what kind of tea you want to get, so you can be even faster. And if you don’t have the time to go to Tea2Go and already have one that you like, you can buy the tea to brew at home for yourself.

So overall, I would highly recommend that you stop by Tea2Go. It’s in close range to the school, it has a overall good price range, the atmosphere of the place is friendly, inviting, and it has a overall great aesthetic, and I feel like it’s a place that will have a great drink for everyone.


By Ashley Johnsen

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