The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Arvest Winterfest- Downtown

So it’s that time of the year again for cute sweaters and perfect Instagram photos and that means Tulsa’s winterfest is back in business and most importantly the #1 place to take your date, best friends, or family ice skating this holiday season. While it took me 10$, parking and walking a block to Winterfest, and 40 minutes in a long line to rent my skates (which cost 12$ unless you have your own pair then you get a discount and only have to pay 5$). Fortunately Winterfest compensates for time by allowing performers and dancers of all ages dressed in holiday attire to help pass the time by performing classic Christmas songs.


(Photo by the Tulsa World)

After collecting my skates I found my way into the heated tent, adjacent to the ice rink, where I was able to put my shoes and purse in a locker for only a dollar and was able to skate with peace of mind knowing my stuff was safe.

The ice skating rink was illuminated with various shades of winter blues,and holiday greens, and other festive colors with today’s hits playing around the rink.

For those ice skating newbies or novices fear not! Winterfest is a fun place for people of all skill level and you can have just as much fun sticking to the walls or leisurely gliding as those, such as myself,who enjoy speeding around the cones trying to achieve a new personal best (the record to beat is 20.4 seconds) and don’t worry even if you fall, friendly workers around the rink are more than willing to give you a hand up and give you a trick or two to help your time on the ice a little easier. But after about an hour of skating I called it an evening and had a brief photo op around the rink and in front of the iconic christmas tree brilliantly lit among the iconic tulsa skyline and left a little chilly with a big smile on my face.

Total cost of the evening: 10$ parking + 12$ skate rental + 1$ locker rental = 23$ dollars for 2 ½ hour evening

Philbrook Festival of lights-

For those of you who are interested in a less vigorous workout during your winter break look no further than the philbrook museum. In a quiet corner of Tulsa resides the Philbrook museum which has just as much history as the hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of history That call The Philbrook ‘Home’. I was able to get free parking and free admittance for being a Jenks student where a nice lady gave me a map and wished me happy holiday. There seemed like an endless wave of amazing art to explore with the Philbrook exhibiting pieces from Ancient Egypt, Renaissance, Modern , and many more plus traveling galleries from all over the world.


(Photo by Philbrook Museum)

But after a leisure walk around the gorgeous art exhibits during the evening the Philbrook also provides a festival of lights during the holidays reflecting the beauty of the season attracting more than 27,000 visitors each year. The event is free if you’re 17 or younger (or an extra 9$ for those 18 or older) I was able to enjoy concessions and thousands of beautifully timed lights illuminating the already breathtaking grounds of the Philbrook Museum. Which holds various events during the festival which include movie nights for christmas favorites such as Die Hard and Elf during this christmas break or more events (for more information click on the link here).

Commitment Day 5k


(Photo by Commitment Day 5k)

If you’re looking to start 2018 on the right foot I would recommend the most supportive 5K in Tulsa, OK The Commitment Day 5K. With hundreds of people in Tulsa beside you bright and early January 1st all in solidarity to try to stick to their new year’s resolutions. For $25 I received a T-shirt, a bib, And a spot on the starting line. While it was extremely intimidating to run my first 5k when I looked around me I saw a melting pot of people from elementary school to the elderly all wishing each other luck and a happy new year with some who participate as a holiday tradition to some who have never run a day in their life and immediately found solace. While I wasn’t able to run the full 3.2 miles, ended up slowly jogging for most of the race, and walking every now and then to catch my breath I still made it across the finish line and received a well deserved banana and chocolate milk. Now every year I look forward to a holiday tradition of running The Commitment Day 5k with friends and family to start off every new year the right way.


By Mary Jackson

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