What are you? Chicken?

   Nowadays you can go to any given chicken restaurant and expect to pay around five to six dollars for a meal, but where should you go to spend your hard earned dollars? Where should you go when you and your friends need a quick fix of delicious chicken? I took it upon myself to answer this question by reviewing five chicken restaurants.


    I reviewed each restaurant on their chicken, fries, and signature sauce.. Each section will be graded on a scale of 1-5 and then based on that data, an average score will be given for the restaurant.


Chick Fil-A -Tulsa Hills


  • Chicken- Chick Fil-A’s nuggets were warm and had a large amount of juice, they were  very tender to say the least. The nuggets didn’t have too much breading but what was there was crisp and tasty. Chick Fil-A does a good job of having very savory chicken, but there is a slight sweetness from the breading that I don’t enjo..—4
  • Fries-The unusual waffle cut fries have a nice crisp outside and a soft warm center. I believe that due to the waffle cut of the fries, it allows the fry to evenly cook all the way through so you aren’t left a soggy part in the middle of the fry. They weren’t too salty and had a great potato-y taste.— 5
  • Sauce- Chick Fil-A sauce is a tangy honey mustard, that pairs with the savory chicken very well. The sauce has a sweet burn to it, but it was too sweet and it leaves a lingering after taste in the back of your throat— 2
  • Average—3.6 

KFC-Main Street Jenks


  • Chicken- The tenders I received from KFC had a Crispy breading that makes a notable crunch when biting into. Meat is tender savory but not as juicy as Chick Fil-A. The chicken is pretty average with nothing to really set it apart from the others, but still decent.—3.5
  • Fries- KFC’s fries are a potato wedge that have a small amount of seasoning on the outside. The outer layer is crispy on the edges only, as you work your way to the center it becomes less crisp. The wedge is odd tasting, perhaps this could be from leftover oil  on the fry. Overall, very little flavor. —2
  • Sauce- KFC’s orange sauce but has a distinct honey mustard smell and taste that reminds me of the Chick Fil-A sauce. However, KFC’s sauce is sweeter than Chick Fil-A’s and is less tangy. The sauce doesn’t compliment the chicken. After chewing for a while, the taste of the sauce runs out and then you are left with just chicken in you mouth. Which is more enjoyable that having the sauce with the chicken. —1.5
  • Average—2.3


Cane’s- 101st and Memorial


  • Chicken- Cane’s chicken has a nice flakey breading that creates a light crunchy outside. The tender juicy meat of the chicken falls apart in you mouth. However the chicken could use just a hint of flavor to really give it the extra kick it needs.—4.5
  • Fries-There was nothing to special about Cane’s fries. They are a regular crinkle cut that makes you think “Yep… this is a fry,” and not much more than that. However I feel like they overcompensate for the fry’s lack of taste with salt.—2.5
  • Sauce- The signature famous Cane’s sauce was perfect consistency and it hung onto the tender just right. I enjoyed that they strayed away from sweetness and instead chose a tangy burn possibly brought upon by worcestershire sauce and plenty of black pepper. When paired with chicken it gives the the extra kick of flavor I was hoping for. Textbook example of sauce.—5
  • Average—4


Popeyes-71st and Riverside


  • Chicken (I decided on the mild option to keep data consistent)- Popeye’s chicken had a pale coloration on the outside with no visible spice coating the outside. Perhaps this would’ve been different if I had chosen the spicy option instead of the mild. The chicken had crispy edges, but I was thrown off immediately by the audibler squeak of my teeth biting through the rubbery chicken. The most taste that this chicken has to offer is the one that it leaves in the back of your throat.—1
  • Fries- The coat of seasoning on the outside of the fries had me hopeful for some flavor after sampling the bland chicken, but I was sorely disappointed. The only taste I got from the fries came from the seemingly old oil that they were cooked in—1
  • Sauce- The sauce that I got from Popeyes was a “Blackened Ranch Sauce”. It had a sweet tang like a honey mustard but that’s where it should’ve ended. Instead they paired the tang with a blackened flavor which threw the whole sauce out the window.—1
  • Average-1


Zaxby’s- 69th and Mingo


  • Chicken- When I opened the black styrofoam Zaxby’s box, you could almost see a golden ray of light shine on my face. Everything in the box from the chicken to the texas toast was a deep dark golden brown. My chicken was beautifully crisp on the outside with a juicy tender inside.The breading set this chicken apart from the others. —5
  • Fries- These regular crinkle cut fries have a beautiful dash of reddish orange seasoning that screams flavor. The fries themselves have a strong potato-y taste. However some fries were a bit soggy towards the center.—4
  • Sauce- Zaxby’s sauce perfectly resembles Cane’s sauce, right down to the consistency. I really couldn’t pick out anything of any notable difference between the two sauces, so I am forced to give Zaxby’s Sauce a the same score as Cane’s Sauce.—5
  • Average-4.6


    I decided that Zaxby’s is the best meal for the money that you will be spending. If you’re a diehard fan of one chicken restaurant get out there and try something new. You’ll never know till you try.


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