Music That’s On The Nice List

If you are looking for some new Christmas music to add to your playlist, then you are in the right place. A band called Why Don’t We includes five guys named Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, and Zach. The upcoming boy-band released a shortened version of an album known as an EP, November 22nd titled, A Why Don’t We Christmas. Besides the point of this sleighing EP these boys are quite the musicians. On their Instagram (@whydontwemusic) they post weekly mashups of today’s hottest hits featuring Gucci Gang and Versace along with their many talents: playing the cello, piano, guitar, and many more. Their fans (the limelights) tend to love them even more for their personality. So Why Don’t We talk about their new EP?

Starting us off is a song titled, Kiss You This Christmas. The track is filled with compliments such as “Joyful, joyful, when you’re near/ Shining like a star, my dear” and “Nothing’s sweeter than the sight of you this Christmas.” Any girl’s frozen heart will be melted away by the smooth strings of the cello and their angelic voices. The steady tempo and occasional harmonizing throughout the song makes it even better. Also, let us not forget that their notes are higher than my gpa. Overall I would rate this song a ⅘ Why Don’t We boy’s.

Kiss You This Christmas- Why Don’t We

You are guaranteed to feel the Christmas vibes with the second track, Hey Good Lookin. This carol has an old school feel that will get anyone up on their feet. The best way to describe this arrangement is that Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would dance to this number, and if that 90s reference does not make sense let me go more in depth. Hey Good Lookin is one of the only acapella melodies on the EP, excluding Silent Night, that is accompanied by constant snaps to keep tempo. A minute and fourteen seconds into the song Corbyn Besson enters with the definition of Christmas Spirit. Lastly all the boys join together singing “way up, way up” to conclude the song. By the second play of the song I couldn’t help but snap my fingers and singalong. Hey Good Lookin is obviously a strong 5/5.

Hey Good Lookin- Why Don’t We

So maybe classic Christmas songs are more your forte, Why Don’t We did not forget about you. The third track is indeed “Merry Little Christmas,” and as soon as you press play on this carol sleigh bells are already ringing. Jonah Marais starts us off like a pro singing “Have yourself a merry little Christmas/ Let your heart be light.” Each boy has a chance to wish their listeners a merry Christmas on their specific verse. The soothing melody throughout is perfect for drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. Merry Little Christmas is a strong 3.5/5, because Why Don’t We orginal songs are high-key better.

Merry Little Christmas- Why Don’t We

The fourth song is actually a hidden gem that was released a year ago. You and Me At Christmas is playful in nature that is splendid for any holiday festivity. Daniel Seavey plays an arrangement of chords throughout which brings that cheerful feel for all. Since You and Me At Christmas was released last holiday season, you are able to hear how different their voices were, but that doesn’t make this bop less spectacular from the others. There are no sound effects other than the jingle of bells occasionally played in the background and the strum of strings. This by far is the most unappreciated song on the EP that deserves more attention. You and Me At Christmas is a strong 5/5.

You and Me At Christmas- Why Don’t We

Finally, we get to the most musically constructed track on the EP: Silent Night. No background music or bells just their voices on the track. A short and sweet melody of only a minute and twenty-four seconds leaves you wanting more. Also a skill known as harmonizing is what makes Silent Night the best on A Why Don’t We Christmas. Their parts in the song are separated by vocal range. Which makes them sing together in harmony, although Jack Avery’s voice is mainly heard throughout the song don’t be mistaken because all of them are singing. This Christmas classic will have you put it on repeat and leave you in awe, which is something most boy-band cannot do, but Why Don’t We is not your typical boy band. This song unknowingly breaks the scale with a 10/5.

Silent Night- Why Don’t We

So grab some marshmallows, sit by the fire and enjoy “A Why Don’t We Christmas” this holiday season.

By Mahogany Easiley

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