Letter From the Editors

What drives you? In every situation there is motivation, or a catalyst for a change or decision. I quote Jim Carey’s Saturday Night Live spoof on Matthew McConaughey’s famous hilariously creepy Lincoln car commercials.

“You don’t buy a Lincoln ‘cause it makes sense. You do it ‘cause you love it…or you’re an Uber driver.” (Please read again in your best Matthew McConaughey impression if you didn’t already, thank you.)

Now while that may not be the most serious example, it raises and answers a good question, “Why do we do what we do?” When you boil that question down, the answer is quite clear: Love. How can something that you can’t see have so much influence on what you do?

This month we are focusing on the theme of Love and how it drives us in what we do. Whether it drives you to be the best, drives you to make a change, or simply drives you to create, we wanted to highlight the role that love plays in everyday life.

Love pushes athletes to their limits, as you’ll read about in this month’s article, “Love For the Game.” Love is worth being reminded about everyday by looking at the art on your body, as you’ll read about in “Think before you Ink.” Love helps others find their voice, as you’ll read about in, “Poetic Justice System”.

Even you reading this right now is due to an act of love; all of our staff writers here at the Trojan Torch want to bring you this best content as possible and to grow as writers and journalists because we love what we do. As always, thank you for your readership and interest in our publication.

-Co-Editor in Chief,
Jett Millican

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