What’s The Dirt On The Dirt?

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Most of you (hopefully all of you) have probably noticed that the courtyard between buildings 5 and 6 is torn to shreds. However, judging by the amount of times I heard inquisitive yelling on the first day back from spring break, none of us really know why.

I sat down with Josh Deibert in the FlintCo construction office on March 30th to get the not-so-diabolical plans.

“We are renovating that entire area in the courtyard,” Deibert said. “It’s gonna go back as a courtyard, but the school’s updating it, so there’ll be new tree planters, new sidewalks, new canopies to match the ones that are up by the bus loop right now.”

Why so suddenly?

“It was kinda our plan all along, kinda how we’re renovating the rest of building 5. We unfortunately only have the summer to do it, so this was an area we decided we could get started on earlier so we can finish on time by the time you guys get back to school.”

If you’ve been at school for the past week, you’ve probably gotten rained on. So, are we going to be more protected from the rain than before?

“[The awnings] are gonna extend… it’s gonna wrap around the front of the TAC, then come down the side to building 6, then out towards the bus loop.”

Yes! We’re getting more coverage. We’re also getting better plants, and more plants. Trees that don’t stink or make us sneeze violently.

“There’ll be new landscaping, new trees, more smaller bushes and stuff,” he said. “All new trees. You should have more trees going back in than what you had coming out.”

Basically, this is one giant improvement that we desperately needed. Sadly, he did say that it wouldn’t be finished by the end of the year, so, sorry, seniors. Rejoice, underclassmen!  

By Camille Jones

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