Fly Away

As kids we dreamt of impossible things like flying away like superman. As we grow up our dreams fade away, and some don’t have the motivation to make their ambitions come true. Senior Joshua Paul found a way to make his fantasy of flying come true by becoming a pilot. Paul’s passion for his career is constantly motivating him.

“I wanted to become a vet at first or the Navy, but then I got my hands into Aviation and the passion grew when I first went to Private Pilot ground school,” said Paul.

Paul attends Tulsa Tech for Private Pilot Ground school, and his confidence in the subject has grown from his first day. The more Paul learned about planes, the more he wanted to know. However, dreams do not come cheap, especially when becoming a pilot.

“I’ve [in the past] regretted choosing this career path because it is very expensive. Just to get your private pilot ground license (40 hours of flight time) costs roughly $10k,” said Paul.

Talk about a dent in the wallet, but this slight problem wasn’t enough for Paul to give up on his dreams. Paul even works at the Richard L. Jones, Jr. Airport 2.2 miles away from our High School, and applies what he learns in the classroom to his work environment everyday.

“I chose to go to Tulsa Tech, because I wanted to start my future career as a Pilot in the right way. The program isn’t what I expected, but it turned out to be more than I thought it was going to be,” said Paul.

Typical classroom settings aren’t very hands on, and most of the time students don’t care about what happened in history during the 1400s. Paul was very pleased to learn that Tulsa Tech has a very interactive way of teaching, and that he is learning about what he’s passionate about.

“Following my dreams is something that is important and life, and so happenly mine is becoming a pilot. If you love what you do then you won’t regret taking the risk”

By Mahogany Easiley

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