High School Media Center Opens Today, September 14, 2018!

BY Charlotte Suttee

In case “High School Media Center Opens Today” didn’t send you on your merry way to the dazzling new library immediately, here is a brief Q&A with Sheri Henning and Shari McLaughlin, two of our friendly media specialists.


What big additions should students expect with the library?

“New spaces that aim at providing students with additional quiet areas as well as collaborative spaces. Also, we are excited about an expanded makerspace allowing for creativity and collaboration.”


Will kids be able to eat in the media center during lunches?

“Yes, we are happy that students will still be able to eat lunch in the media center as space allows with the expectation that there is no food near the library books or the computers.”


What are you most excited about for the new space?

“We are most excited for our students and staff to be able to use such a beautiful yet practical media center.”


What is no longer part of the media center?

“Fortunately we have everything we had before and more.”


What other information do students need to know about you, or how things will run differently, etc.?

“We are so happy that things will run very much the same.  We have new spaces for which students can sign up in advance to reserve if needed or on an as needed basis if no one has reserved them.”

Hurry on over to the library yourself to see what’s new, grab some free refreshments, and thank our hardworking librarians!

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