BY Elise Siebert

Homecoming is right around the corner, October 13 to be exact! This year, StuCo has gone above and beyond to give the students at Jenks a new and even better homecoming experience.

The theme is “All the Stars” and there has been multiple changes this year, but one of the biggest ones is the location. Usually, the homecoming event is held downtown but this year it will be in the dining hall at Jenks High School.

“We have a lot more time to set up and we’ve had a lot more resources and funds,” said Sydney LaPlant, the homecoming committee chair in StuCo. “There’s just a lot more people willing to help. Plus, it has also made things a lot easier with lighting and we are able to do it the day before.”

So with the extra money saved with the location change, one of the benefits is more decorations. Student council is really trying to play into the theme by focusing on the lighting in the room and trying to truly give that ‘starry’ effect.

“Honestly, we are transforming it,” LaPlant said about the dining hall. “It is going to look completely different. And they are doing curtains everywhere, blocking things off. Tons of lights. It will not look like your dining hall, like, you won’t even recognize where you are.”

Students can also expect snapchat filters and food. There will be Chick-fil-A and other snacks. In the past, there had only been water for refreshments, but now food will be provided.

The event itself isn’t the only thing to look forward to. There is also a homecoming theme for each day leading up to the dance. This is an opportunity for students to dress up and show school spirit. Here are the themes:


The homecoming game will also be happening that Friday, Oct 12. The presentation of the homecoming court will be during half time. Be sure to wear a costume, because the theme is Halloween!

Also, Elissa Mahaffey has taken the role as the new faculty advisor for StuCo this year. She has brought many new ideas and has helped with the new process of hoco planning.

“We still have had Mrs. Mullins (the previous advisor) as a lot of help, she has come in and kind of reminded us how to do things. But Ms. Mahaffey definitely has a different point of view when it comes to a lot of things. She has been really helpful and it’s been a really exciting process to change things up with her,” LaPlant said.

Be sure to dress up for themes next week, cheer on our trojans on at the football game, and dress to impress at the homecoming dance “All the Stars” on Saturday!


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