As Seen in My Trash Can

By Bella Skinner

Just because you see something on television, doesn’t mean it’s actually true. With alluring commercials and bold statements, it is easy to be persuaded by the advertisers to spend your hard-earned money on their products before weighing out the pros and cons, especially with the Christma approaching and the need for gift ideas, but luckily for you, I have taken the liberty to test a few products so you do not have to, potentially, waste your money on!

In order to give a well-rounded and honest review, I will be rating the products based on their practicality, price point, efficiency, and if they perform the way they are advertised on television. 

 IfinitiPRO by Conair Curl Secret:

First off, we have the IfinitiPRO by Conair Curl Secret. This device is a whopping $79.99 and will definitely leave a pretty big dent in your wallet. Not only is it a huge price, but it is a huge device. Holding it up to my head for so long made it seem like I was getting more of an arm workout than a good head of curls. While putting my hair in the device it makes a screeching noise that is comparable to nails on a chalkboard and then my hair suddenly gets sucked up into the machine whilst ambiguously beeping and filling my bathroom with the smell of chemicals and burnt hair. When my hair was dispensed from the Curl Secret, the level of curl was… underwhelming to say the least. My natural hair is extremely wild and unpresentable, but I almost prefer my untamed mane over the limp excuse of a curl that this product produces. 

Not only do the curls look nothing like what is advertised on the commercials and box, but they also take a ridiculous amount of time to achieve. It typically takes me about 20-25 minutes to curl my entire head of hair with a straightener or a curling wand, but with the Curl Secret, it took me a whopping 30 minutes to curl half of my hair, and with this laborious activity of holding a 5-pound device at an awkward angle for half an hour, the results were definitely not worth it. 

But even though the device is expensive, a hassle to use, time-consuming, and inefficient, the most unacceptable aspect of this product is that it is downright dangerous. As I continued to curl my hair as the directions explained, sections of my hair would get sucked up into the unknown and get tangled within the barrel of the machine. I had to yank my hair over and over before it would release and while it was stuck inside, the hair would be burning on the heated rod for at least 30 seconds before it would be released. This did not only occur once but multiple times.  Because this horrific event kept happening, I had to stop curling my hair because it was physically ripping out numerous strands of my hair and burning large chunks. 

To be concise, the  IfinitiPRO by Conair Curl Secret is NOT worth your time or money. Unless you want to spend 80+ dollars to spend an hour having your hair burning to shreds and falling on your bathroom floor, I would never recommend this to anyone. 

HD Night Vision Glasses:

Next up, is the HD Night Vision Glasses. I picked these up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $9.99. They are supposed to eliminate all glares that occur while driving at night. The before and after photos that are advertised are extremely drastic, and I’ll tell you now, not accurate. They are said to “Fit over prescription glasses,” and while this may be true, they fit poorly overall in general. While I was wearing these glasses in the car, they were constantly falling down the bridge of my nose and itching the backs of my ears, not to mention the fact that I looked like a complete dork. 

The glasses have a yellow tint that supposedly reduces the glares emitted by other cars, but upon wearing them I just got a headache because they made everything a dingy earwax shade. The glares were slightly less visible when a car’s lights were dimmer than usual, but any car’s whose lights were at an average brightness, the glare would still be present, just in a more yellow tone. 

As Seen on TV Nightvision Wraparound Sunglasses

Though the price for this is low, this product is still a waste of money. The night time shades are not efficient in eliminating glare, are uncomfortable to wear, and will ruin any sense of pride that you have with their unfashionable nature. I would say that this product almost makes driving more dangerous because adjusting to the change in tones is pretty distracting because it changes the shades of the stoplights and skews the line of vision. 

 Heel Tastic intensive foot therapy:

Lastly, we have the Heel Tastic intensive foot therapy stick. I got this product at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on sale for $4.99 but it typically goes for $9.99. It shows a before and after photo on the advertisement that is practically unbelievable… that’s mostly because that is not the reality of what this product does. My heels are not cracked but they can get slightly dry. I tested this [roduct before I went to sleep, and the box stated that the product is supposed to “soak into the skin instantly.” This is purely false. If I were to walk on my tiles barefoot, I would probably feel like I was on a slip and slide. 

The product isn’t terrible, but it did not do what was marketed. My heels were smoother and less chapped but in no way did they look like the “after photo” when my feet were in a much better condition than the one presented.  

For the price I got this product for, it was very affordable and worth the money. But for 10 dollars, I don’t think it would be worth it. It overall works but not to the extent that they advertise. I would probably recommend just using a lotion you already have at home before going out of your way to buy this in hopes of achieving perfectly smooth heels. 

Note: I have decided to opt-out of uploading a picture of my feet, so I have given a representation of what the results that this product produces!

My final verdict is: shop smart and don’t spend 100 dollars on products you see on television like I did. As Seen on T.V. products do a good job advertising, but don’t always keep their promises so make sure you are always reading reviews before you drop your dollars. Also, make sure to be observant to what your friends and family might want for Christmas instead of drawing inspiration from television ads. 

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