Places for Coffee-Lovin Students

Tulsa has its fair share of unique, locally owned coffee shops. For myself and for many students, choosing a go-to coffee shop can be difficult. Not only is the price important, considering most of us are broke teenagers, but it is also important to find a place with a non-distracting atmosphere, a nice location, and a good product. The Trojan Torch decided to narrow it down to help students find the best coffee shop for each individual. 


Nordaggios is student filled. With its location right next to Oral Roberts University, this coffee shop is filled with people reading, typing, and painting. This coffee shop is the perfect place to do your homework and drink a nicely priced coffee — that is, if you can find a seat. Nordaggios is filled with homey couches, local artwork, and a nice fireplace. 


$3.83 12 oz Chai Tea Latte, this was a very pleasing price for my teenage wallet. 


Warm and cozy, sometimes they have the fireplace on. The music is pretty loud, it is usually alternative music. Sometimes that can be a little distracting. What I love is that everyone is kind of sitting together in this location, but everyone minds their own business. People are usually pretty quiet and just do their work.  


The workers are kind and will have a conversation with you. I also noticed that they knew a lot of the customers that were coming in. Sometimes I tend to feel awkward when I am ordering at a coffee shop, but they did a great job at making me feel welcomed and they also gave me recommendations. 

Is it good? 

Yes, but I am a bit biased for this one. This was actually the first place I had a chai tea latte and I loved it so much. So I recommend. It also came with a cute little design on the top that just added to this coffee shops vibe. 


8156 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137. It is about a ten minute drive to the school, possibly more depending on the traffic and time of day. Also, what I love about this location is that it is in a good spot for my friends who live in the South Tulsa area and my friends who live in the Jenks area, because it is pretty much in the middle. 

Vintage Key:

Vintage Key is the new little coffee shop on Jenks Main Street. It is calm, peaceful, and literally a minute away from the school. This coffee shop might become my new go-to during the school year because it is a convenient location, the only downside is the hours are weird, and for many high schoolers, it will probably be closed as soon as classes are over. Vintage Key is a great place to get work done, a great place to have conversations, and the best part is that there are plenty of seating options. Unlike some other coffee shops, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. It had light crowds, a lot of table space, and friendly people. 


$5.42 8 oz chai tea latte. The prices, on the other hand, are a bit more pricey than some. Vintage Key had more expensive drinks than some of the other places I went to. But the upside is, I at least had a place to sit while drinking it. 


Vintage key is quiet and calm… but not too quiet that it’s awkward. Though the coffee shop is small, it doesn’t feel crowded. I would definitely recommend this place if high schoolers what somewhere to go get work done in between classes. 


The people working were very kind, they welcomed us in and even brought us our drinks to the table, which I had never had that happen to me 8at a coffee shop. They also asked us if we were doing alright. They were very friendly and helpful. 

Is it good? 

It was mediocre. Honestly, my chai tea latte was watery, and I paid a couple dollars more here for a smaller cup. 


Main Street, 111 E Main St, Jenks, OK 74037. A wonderful spot for students, it is right by the school and it has a cute view of Jenks Main Street. Actually, as my friend said when we were there, she felt like we were in a “Hallmark movie.”

Shades of Brown:

Shades of Brown is in a cute coffee shop on Brookside. As you walk in, you are surrounded by different pieces of art, random furniture, and different little rooms to do work or talk to people. This coffee shop has a lot of character, but with that comes a lot of people. Many times, it can be difficult to find a place to sit. Shades of Brown is the perfect place for a first date, it is easy to have a conversation and it is in a great location to walk to shops nearby.  


$3.04 8 oz chai tea latte. 


Very artsy, when you walk in you are surrounded by artsy people doing artsy things. Honestly, I always feel a little uncomfortable, like I don’t fit the “vibe.” But one way or another, it is still super cute and unique. It is also in a nice location, after coffee, you can go for a walk on brookside and go shopping. The problem with Shades of Brown is that it is hard to find a place to sit. There is little seating options and usually there isn’t a lot available. It is more difficult to do work there, but it is a nice place to have a conversation. 


They are nice and welcoming, and they mind their own business. 

Is it good?

Super good. It comes out with a cute design. They have yummy specialty drinks, and the workers obviously know how to make good drinks. Each coffee also comes in it’s own little unique mug, which makes it even better. 


3302 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105. On Brookside, kind of a drive from the school. It is in a “hip” part of Tulsa, the location is cute and fun. A good place for an outing.

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