American Idol, but Better: A Trojan Idol Photo Journal

By: Izzy Pankey & Drew Bethell

While Katy Perry may not have been one of the judges(Mrs.Ritz was a close dupe), this years Trojan Idol was just as hot as American Idol. This newer JHS tradition filled the auditorium with laughs and cheers as Jenks baseball players traded their bats for microphones to put on the performance of their lives. With muscle tees, tight pants, and even crop tops, these players put on an unforgettable performance.

This ninth grade crew of Luke Ackerley, Luke Diener, Blake Lamb, and Jack McCoy perform in their “romp-hims” to fight for their prize of ‘Best Costumes’.

Gold proved itself to be a star outfit component this year! The gold fits ranged from fully blinding outfits to a simple gold vest. Overall though, gold seemed to be the trend of the night.

Watching the boys perform in groups is always fun, but the solo performances were where it was AT this year. Boys shined in their shining star moments, and even a baseball little sis’, Chloe Scott, 9, got a solo part in her duo performance of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

The nights choreography never failed to provide some amazing group shots where you can see the whole crew showing off.

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