Get to Know the Rustic Gate Creamery

By: Amelia Kimberling

After a long day of schoolwork, tests, and trudging sullenly from class to class, a sweet mouthful of hot-fudge-coated ice cream or a cup of a refreshing raspberry Italian soda could be a much-needed relief from a taxing day at school. So, what if such treats were only a five-minute walk from our very high school? Rustic Gate Creamery is a soda-fountain style ice cream shop that offers anything from sundaes, shakes, and malts to Italian sodas, candy, and special pops. 

Upon entering the store, guests are met with a 50s soda-fountain feel as classic artists like Elvis hum in the background complimenting the table-top lined with bar stools that surround the work area. Rows of assorted candies line the strawberry-pink walls that ooze generous helpings of chocolate sauce. This is all just a backdrop to the soul of the restaurant: the ice cream. 

The collection candies and sodas on display at the shop that can be found upon entrance.  

An assortment of 16 flavors is offered from old-fashioned vanilla to the best-selling Superman, a creamy mix of lemon, bubblegum, and strawberry. They claim it tastes like eating fruity pebbles — just without the crunch, and after tasting it, I can definitely confirm that statement. It’s sweet, yet not overly fruity like sherbert. 

A colorful list of prices, toppings, and offers!

As for me, I ordered a scoop of the raspberry cheesecake, a cheesecake flavored ice cream that perfectly mimics cream-cheese flavors of biting into a dense and floury piece of cheesecake. Swirls of raspberry are bursting through the creamy layers, and it is topped off with rich pieces of chocolate chunks! A big complaint I find myself having is lack of enough cookie dough or Oreos or chocolate chips that should be found within the scoop of ice cream, but Rustic Gate’s ice cream was loaded! 

My ice cream (left) and my dad’s ice cream (right). He ordered the Cow Tippin’ (vanilla ice cream which chocolate/caramel candies and caramel swirl).

They also offer more than just ice cream. Italian sodas, which are a mix of vanilla ice cream, carbonated soda, and a syrup flavor of your choice, are a hidden gem that Rustic Gate offers. I am personally not a fan of soda or fizz, so I did not try the sample our helper and store co-owner Todd Palmer made. 

Palmer as he prepares our Mango-Pomegranate Italian soda.

However, my dad, who tried it, states “It was refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day.”

While I did not try it, I can only imagine its refreshing qualities as the fizz bites playfully at your mouth, a perfect backdrop to the fruity flavors it is accompanied with. Both him and Palmer strongly recommend ordering a Mango-Pomegranate Italian Soda. While the flavor combo looks strange on paper, Palmer says it is a hit whenever they hand it out as samples to customers. 

We ended our trip to the creamery by buying a few of the “crazy” sodas they offer. One was an atomic lemonade with Kim Jong Un plastered on the label while the other was a Bob Ross themed energy drink! 

Overall, Rustic Gate Creamery offers an assortment of treats that can suit any sweet craving! They are located at 101 W Main St, Jenks, OK 74037, United State. Also, check below for more information on their current hours and their social media page!

Photo Credit to Rustic Gate Creamery on Instagram.


Monday-Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 1 PM-9 PM

Thursday: 1 PM-9 PM

Friday: 1 PM-10 PM

Saturday: 11 AM-10 PM

Sunday: 1 PM-8 PM


Instagram: @rusticgatecreamery

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