Tails N Trails: A Dog Hike Fundraiser

By: Amelia Kimberling

On May 15th, Oklahoman dog owners gathered at Turkey Mountain to enjoy a beautiful 30-minute hike and donate money to help other animals find safe and loving homes. The hike, Tails N Trails, is a fundraiser hosted by Oklahoma Alliance for Animals — a non-profit organization that works to reduce pet overpopulation and that promotes responsible pet ownership. Keep reading to meet some of the furry friends that showed up to support the cause!

The start of the trail for the dog hike!

This little lab mix is named Wendy! She was a rowdy one and was eager to meet just about any person or any puppy that strolled by. She nearly jumped out of her pin to greet us and gave me plenty of kisses and snuggles. She was with Dog 4 Dog Grooming, a local company that strives to create a positive environment for all of its customers.

Next we have Treyu and Oki, two Belgium Malinois who came with Sit Means Sit Tulsa. Their trainer showed us a few of their tricks like sitting and jumping! These energetic pups were excited to show off their talents if it meant getting praised with a treat. Check them out for any of your dog training needs. 

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