Black Panther Review

     Black Panther hit theaters February 15th and Marvel amazed us yet again with its beautiful worlds, mesmerizing visuals, and an unforgettable cast of dynamic characters. Black Panther has not only immortalized itself within our hearts, but it has also immortalized itself on the charts as Black Panther has become one of only 5 [...]

Love Of The Game

     While you watched the olympics this year, it was very easy to notice how much love and passion these athletes had for their sports. We all have those favorite athletes that we root for, and we have seen their highest and their lowest moments, like Shaun White or Nathan Chen. While you enjoy [...]

How To Be Single

     It’s was February. That’s a fact. You walked into the grocery store and were immediately consumed by shelves and shelves filled to the brim with pink and red chocolate boxes, candy, and adorable stuffed animals. That’s a fact. And do you know what else? You’re single. That’s a fact. While it can be [...]

Poetic Justice System

          Orange jumpsuit. Number. Last name, perhaps. This is what humanity boils down to inside the American justice system. Prisoners, stripped of their identities, are often left voiceless or without the means to be heard. Poetic Justice- a volunteer organization that leads writing workshops with incarcerated women- is devoted to helping these women [...]

Letter From the Editors

What drives you? In every situation there is motivation, or a catalyst for a change or decision. I quote Jim Carey’s Saturday Night Live spoof on Matthew McConaughey’s famous hilariously creepy Lincoln car commercials. “You don’t buy a Lincoln ‘cause it makes sense. You do it ‘cause you love it...or you’re an Uber driver.” (Please [...]

Teachers That Care

The day to day norm of classes can easily fall into a dull pattern. With only 55 minutes in a class period, it can be hard to connect with the teacher and learn. So how is it that some instructors continue to bond with their students throughout the lesson and even after class? I talked [...]