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What’s new around Jenks?

Why Should I Care?

Ever since the 2017 election, there has been more political uproar and discussion over controversial topics. Issues like sexual assault, climate change, and the overall running of the government have been questioned. But, since we are in high school, and most of us can’t even vote yet, why […]

Don’t Be Blue

    Most of us can agree that our sleep schedules are completely backwards. One thing given to smartphone users is the Blue Light Tool. This tool is supposed to help you get a better sleep while still being able to use your smartphone at nightime. Over the span of […]

Tea? Let’s Go

  The newest little addition to Downtown Jenks is a tiny shop located where the old Sonic was (so across the street from the new one), called Tea2Go. I told my little sister about this so called Starbucks equivalent of tea, and she begged me to go. She […]