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What’s new around Jenks?

Tribune and Torch Team Up

By: Ben Brown You’ve probably heard about The Jenks Tribune bringing a city newspaper back to Jenks, but did you know that the highschoolers at the Trojan Torch work directly with the Tribune. The Tribune meets with the Torch staff once a week and talks stories, shadowing opportunities, […]

Proud and Out at Jenks

By: Isabella Arias  When you hear the term LGBTQ+, what normally comes to mind? For most people, it means rainbow flags, pride marches, and being out and proud. However, many people within the queer community don’t have the privilege of feeling that way, especially in a state like […]

Art for Actin’

By: Grace Abraham Having a big Performing Arts Center is great. You walk in and see the huge space, with rows of chairs, the bright red curtain with the spotlight shining right in the middle of it, and you can smell the crisp auditorium air that emits the […]

Boxing and Thriving

By: Natasha Perez Gloves caress his cheeks. Their foam patting protects his face. He strikes. The punching bag jolts to the side. He counters with his left. A glaze covers his eyes. He focuses on his target. If you’re a stranger to boxing, you wouldn’t notice him constantly […]

Business As Usual

By: Kegan Huckabone Friday Night Lights. An opportunity for the football team to show their skills. A stage for band and guard kids alike to perform for all of their peers.  A place for social commentary. The new marching band theme this year “Business as Usual” puts a […]