Tea? Let’s Go

  The newest little addition to Downtown Jenks is a tiny shop located where the old Sonic was (so across the street from the new one), called Tea2Go. I told my little sister about this so called Starbucks equivalent of tea, and she begged me to go. She […]

Demarko’s Dance

     He nonchalantly strolls towards the camera through the chill light-hearted string instrument, and then as the hip-hop beat jumps in, Demarko Chase bounces in with it. His body becomes a wave- lot of arms and hands, smoothy swimming around, and his feet seamlessly flow across the […]

November Mental Health

     From the outside, you wouldn’t guess that senior Valerie Song had struggled with mental health issues, but once you get to know her, she is open with the fact that she has dealt with both depression and anxiety.      “My second semester of junior year, […]