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Art for Actin’

By: Grace Abraham Having a big Performing Arts Center is great. You walk in and see the huge space, with rows of chairs, the bright red curtain with the spotlight shining right in the middle of it, and you can smell the crisp auditorium air that emits the […]

Boxing and Thriving

By: Natasha Perez Gloves caress his cheeks. Their foam patting protects his face. He strikes. The punching bag jolts to the side. He counters with his left. A glaze covers his eyes. He focuses on his target. If you’re a stranger to boxing, you wouldn’t notice him constantly […]

A Matter of the Heart

By: Victoria Gaikwad Have you ever wanted to live your dream job but without all the responsibilities? Some of us wanted to be ballerinas or the next winner of American Idol, Senior Megan Jehlicka wanted to be a pediatrician from a young age. With the internship program that […]

Bye Bye Blackout BA

By: Drew Bethell Jenks football fans say farewell to Blackout BA this year after the theme gets tossed to the sidelines. In light of military appreciation night, Student Council and Superfans have decided that instead of wearing black, we’ll be rocking red, white, and blue to honor veterans […]